Our Organization

Chartered in November 2009, AIS Illinois is a founding Student Chapter of the Association for Information Systems.  Being the premiere ISIT organization in the Gies College of Business, we make sure that members get more of an insight in IT outside of the classroom.   We are part of the Council of Presidents, an alliance of Gies College of Business related Registered Student Organizations that contributes to the betterment of those around them while representing the College and University of Illinois proudly.

Professional Development

Professional development is a cornerstone of AIS Illinois.  We aim to provide value to our members by preparing them not only for their classes about also for a successful career.  Along with our technology lessons, we offer a number of professional development/business lessons.  Topics covered include:

  • Resume preparation and reviews

  • LinkedIn Best Practices

  • Mock Interviews

  • Career Tracking

  • IS/IT Intern Panels

  • Full Time Career Panels with Alumni

Technology Lessons

Our goal is to develop students interested in the technology field both professionally and technically. We do that through a variety of technology lessons all focused on core technical skills. Technology Lessons are held almost every week, with professional events or lessons intermixed.  Lessons are taught by our own Exec Board members and are designed to be highly interactive and demonstrate relevancy to workplace applications.

Some of the topics we teach include:


Python is an incredible tool out there for data analysis. By learning how to use Python our members will get a first-hand experience in what its like to code towards data analysis. Our lessons will teach our members how to use the tool and how to use it effectively.

Excel Analysis

Excel is a tool every person should feel confident in using. It is used in every workplace imaginable. Through AIS members will get an advanced look into how to use Excel and how it can be used to perform complex analysis.


Data visualization is becoming a corner stone in technology work. By teaching our members how to use Tableau we are teaching them how to create impactful insights from raw data sets. After these lessons our members will feel prepared to take data and turn them into actionable items.


The core feature of R is in its ability to analyze huge data sets and draw insights from it. Through these lessons our members will become confident with data analysis and working with basic coding.

Corporate Engagement

Similar to our professional development, corporate engagement is an important part of developing our members.  Companies join AIS Illinois in a method of their choice.  Partnering with AIS Illinois allows companies to interact with a diverse student group in more casual settings.  Some examples of past events include:

  • Classroom Presentations and/or workshops

  • Office Visits

  • Networking Happy Hours

National Competition

AIS Illinois loves competition. We also love meeting people and creating a bond with our other chapters. We do this through our national competition. Held every year at various universities AIS sends out cases for us to compete in and then go to compete.

Members apply to be on a case team and the teams compete internally before submitting to the competition.  In 2017, AIS Illinois won FIRST PLACE at the Student Chapter Leadership Conference Virtual Video Competition.